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PR Strategy

First things first. Once we review our clients’ business goals, and ensure our ideas to deliver results that drive success are in sync with your objectives, we’ll develop a tailored plan that integrates media relations, special events, newsworthy story angles, editorial calendars and more.

Press Trips

We excel at initiating custom-designed individual and group media visits and will handle all the details — from creating agendas that showcase the destination to working directly with local partners to set up specific experiences for media guests. We’re also available for on-site hosting as needed. Media coverage that inspires and motivates travellers is our ultimate aim.


Clear, accessible communication is crucial to the success of any promotional effort. Serena PR keenly understands the audiences you need to reach — whether media, industry insiders, or the general public — and hones your message to achieve maximum impact, from press releases that pique the interest of editors, to custom stories that captivate and connect with consumers.

News Release Distribution

No matter how impressive your message, it won’t achieve its desired impact if it doesn’t reach the right audience. Serena PR calls upon its years-long relationships with key media to target your release to exactly the right people. The trust we’ve established with media gatekeepers will help to ensure your release gets read, no matter how crowded their inbox.

Event Management

A successful event requires meticulous attention to detail, from initial conception to the moment when the last happy guest departs. Serena PR works within your budget to stage the most successful event possible. From a few dozen attendees to thousands, we’ve overseen grand openings, charity fundraisers, event dinners, multi-day festivals, and more.

Brand Launches

Starting something new? We know that a brand’s first months of operation are crucial to future success. From fine-tuning the design and initial messaging, to organizing launch events, to sustaining public interest, we’re well-versed in introducing new projects and businesses to the public and in maintaining that hard-earned buzz.

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Social Media Strategy

Nowhere is competition for the masses’ attention fiercer than online. Effective management of Twitter, Instagram and Facebook can have an immeasurably positive impact on a brand’s success. We’ve helped businesses by offering council and strategies for original content, contesting, seasonal campaigns, and more.

Media Training

Speaking with reporters can be a nerve-wracking experience. Whether you’re being interviewed for a news story about your business, interested in developing your on-camera skills for TV segments, or preparing to speak in front of a large group or media scrum, we can work with you to ensure you are well-prepared. In addition to covering best practices and interview dos and don’ts, we also stage trial run-throughs to ensure you’re media savvy and camera ready.

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