“We were looking for a public relations agency to assist us with an announcement that we hoped would have a significant and positive impact on our business. After interviewing and being generally underwhelmed by a few candidates, we reached out to a media personality and friend of ours. On the strength of her recommendation, we retained Laura Serena and what started out as a “one-off” has become an ongoing relationship. Laura is extremely well connected and her contacts appear to think as highly of her as do we. She provides us with terrific advice, never too much but always enough. Of the marketing-related investments we’ve made over the past year, this one has provided the best payback.”

– Dane Chauvel, CEO and Co-founder, Organic Ocean Seafood

It has been a true pleasure to work with Serena PR for more than eight years. Laura and Morgan are an extremely valuable addition to our media relations program and their leadership in the disciplines of PR, messaging development and social media activation have helped to set a new standard of excellence in our industry. They have deep relationships with key journalists and influencers in Canada and a progressive attitude towards incorporating the latest web-based technologies into our media campaigns. Laura and Morgan are true professionals with a positive attitude, calm demeanor and curiosity that sets them apart from others in their field. Their expertise, advice and guidance are always welcome, and I look forward to many more years of success together.

– Ian Galbraith, Vice President of Communications, Mark Anthony Group

Photo Credit @ Morgan Sommerville
Photo Credit @ Tourism Yukon

We’ve been fortunate to work with Serena PR for the past four years and they have greatly contributed to Tourism Yukon’s North America media & PR program.

No event or task is too big or small for this team. They took on our recent Toronto media event with the professional ease and a personal touch that we’ve come to expect. The expertise of Serena PR ensured that media response would exceed our expectations and was a key component of this successful event. Besides being nice people and knowing all the right people, Laura and Morgan are folks we know will go the extra mile and who we trust to get the job done. They are as passionate and committed to Tourism Yukon as we are. Dependable, meticulous and creative – their experience shines through in all that they do.

– Jennifer Glyka, Marketing Specialist, Media and Influencer Relations, Tourism Yukon

If we had to pick a song to describe the team at Serena PR it would be Tina Turner’s “Simply the Best”. Laura and her team are passionate about what they do – they do it because they love it, period. They also happen to be exceptionally talented at it, knowing when to push, prod and “fight” (be it with us as clients, or with the media), but also knowing when to back down. Laura’s not scared to change her mind, or admit that there might be a different way of doing things, qualities which are nigh impossible to find in this industry. Send them an email at midnight and you’ll likely get a response at 1 AM. Assuming they’ve gone to sleep, you’ll see it at 7 AM the following day. And they keep to our pace, something we’ve found tough to find on the West Coast after working in Manhattan for a decade. They’re honest, ethical, straight shooters. Best of all, they’re actually fun to work with! They feel like members of our team, not consultants.

– Russell + Jelena Kling, Co-founders, Pangea Pod Hotel

Photo Credit @ PangeaPod
Photo Credit @ BC Distilled

There’s something calming and even joyful in working with professionals who you know have got your back, understand your needs, and are willing to help in any way they can. Laura and Morgan bring me to that happy place every time we work together. On top of just being great people to work with, they get results. BC Distilled is a relatively small event but it generates an oversized amount of media attention. This is a testament not only to their hard work, but to the respect and relationships they’ve built with the media. As I moved from running a local event in Vancouver to the national Canadian Artisan Spirit Competition, I never had any question that Serena PR would continue to support my publicity needs, and I was right.

I rely on Laura not only for her expertise in media, but as someone who has developed an understanding of my industry, and can provide counsel well beyond the scope of ‘just’ public relations. If you’re reading this, then you’re lucky too — you just found an amazing publicist!

– Alex Hamer, BC Distilled

Travel Penticton engaged the services of Serena PR a couple of years ago. I guess the only problem is that we should have done this sooner. Laura and Morgan are our ‘media wranglers’ in every sense of the term. Serena PR has the experience, contacts, expertise and professionalism needed to make our relationship a true pleasure. And, importantly, their creative flair, problem solving and ‘get to it’ way of working all contribute to virtually seamless media visits. Follow-up is essential with any media contact and both Laura and Morgan complete each visit and provide excellent follow-up and reporting. Have we found a perfect media partner with Serena PR? The answer is an absolute ‘yes’!

– Thom Tischik, Executive Director, Travel Penticton

Tourism Langley has had the pleasure of working with Serena PR since 2019, and we could not be happier with their professionalism and knowledge of our industry. We are a small office of two people, and not only do we feel like Laura and Morgan are a seamless extension of our team, but our community does as well.  We receive so many positive comments from our stakeholders that work with Laura and Morgan. When Serena PR is working on something for us, we know that every detail will be taken care of from start to finish and beyond with the incredible reporting they provide to us which makes our jobs so much easier. The work we have done with Laura and Morgan has been integral to the success we have seen in creating more awareness of the Township of Langley and the small businesses that make us #LangleyFresh.

– Erinn Kredba, Executive Director, Tourism Langley

Since 2014, Serena PR has provided Public Relations for Destination Osoyoos with an amazing level of commitment, care, and tremendous attention to detail. Their dedication to our organization and our local tourism businesses has resulted in extensive media coverage for our resort destination. With their help, Canada’s best kept secret isn’t so secret anymore!

– Kelsey Scagnetti, Marketing Manager, Destination Osoyoos

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